VIVA Artists Agency

Viva Artists Agency or VAA was launched in 1997 as part of the Viva Group of Companies. In the beginning, VAA was only tasked to take charge of the careers of the artists and talents under contract for the film and recording businesses of Viva. With the success of a number of Viva stars, Viva Artists Agency became one of the entertainment conglomerate’s major revenue earners.

The Viva Artists Agency of today boasts of some of the top celebrities and most bankable stars in the Philippines. As one of the top talent management agencies, VAA is in constant search of talents to nurture through training and development to representation in the fields of advertising, television, motion pictures, and other media. VAA also represents and manages directors, choreographers, stylists, glam teams, program hosts, and event performers. Viva Artists Agency… truly the home of the Stars.

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